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Catalog Number KSc032448
Collection NY Historical Society
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1854/01/03
Scope & Content Page 1:
Stony Brook, Jan 3d, 1854
Dear Sir,
Your letter, and papers are at hand- They have afforded me pleasure. I will return them. I thank you for having noticed in the Suffolk weekly Gazette of 1851, my model yacht (oval shape) and my new style of violin. During your last visit to my studio, you appeared to be much attracted to my new model yacht Saturn, as broad as she is long, with a keel much longer than her deck. With her stern, and stern post. Inclining inboard, and her rudder broadest at the water line, forming nearly an obtuse angle. Having the most friction near the surface of the water. Much better than the most resistance at the bottom of the rudder, old way [sketch].new way-my way [sketch].
I am pleased with the interest you take in such matters. You have a catholic mind, which includes the interest of others besides your own. I am satisfied by experiment that a sail boat should have great breadth of beam or bearings, with a long keel to enable her to carry successfully in any position a large amount of canvass. To make her pitch where she looks.- Such a boat can he steered with ropes, the same way as some boats are steered by having the main sheet. Traveller, over the rudder ropes- this or the rudder post may pass up through the boat.
[Sketch] Then the steersman can [sketch])
[Sketch of sailboat]
eleven feet. Length on deck seventeen feet - Centerboard can be added if necessary

Page 2:

have at command the main sheet. And tiller, without moving from his place.
You see Breadth of' beam No. 2, carries the most canvsass. My boats have not been beat by a different model. It can not he done, having the same length on deck. By any ship builder taking any ordinary sloop or yacht model. And I am glad to hear you say the same thing. Of the one you built after my model. Length on deck one foot nine inches. Greatest width eleven inches, with a long keel.
South Bay is the place to test these models on a large scale- say 12 feet by 18 feet on deck, or 12 feet wide by 12 feet in length. Such a boat would create a laugh, but she would pay the builder to try the experiment. The south bay boats are very fine, but we want something new-wake up the boat builders along the south side.
As I am the inventor of the above models you will see that Suffolk Co. has the credit of them.
About materials of myself-as soon as I can attend to it, I will send you a few items.
Yours truly,
Wm. S. Mount