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Catalog Number KSc032649
Collection Unknown
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1866/11/29
Scope & Content Cold Spring No 29th 1866
Brother Wm;
I received your interesting letter on the 27th and, though I had then been here for three days, had not been able to commence painting, nor shall I, until next monday. In a very quiet way I am submitting to things as I find them. My first thought was to return home, but on looking at the large collection of books, concluded to wait until the return of my subject, who, I may not yet, properly call my sitter.
Page 2:
He has gone with some friends - duck shooting - to the east end of the Island To day. Thanksgiving - I purposed to go to Mr. Searings, but the rain has prevented. If clear in the morning shall persevere in getting there to remain until sunday afternoon. How much time painters loose in this way - yet not altogether lost in this ease as I am - or have been - deeply engaged in reading, My smarting eyes now admonish me to quit awhile. I hope our affairs with Sister Mary and her children will be settled without dificulty, and I see no reason why it may not, if those who wish us to sell, are willing to give its value to us. I
Page 3:
mean, pay sufficient to enable us to supply ourselves with as good a home. Certain it is, that the amount offered will not do that; and is it the duty of the older, always to make sacrefiseses [sic] for the younger I suppose something more will be said on the subject before long: until then, quiet is best, and we shall be better prepared to talk, and do right on the subject; all we ask, and I trust no more will be required of us. If so we are not obliged to grant it. You certainly state the conditions fairly, and will, It seems to me, that in case of joint
Page 4:
ownership - as ours- those wishing to buy, should be willing to give, at the same rate they would ask, if called on to sell, as we are -
When the young women get past thirty years, they are in too many cases, warped in judgemt and suddenly grow pevish; will do to teach school, providing the children - or scholars, belong to the higher class - none others need apply - Maidens of fifty improve - give up the chase, settle and grow sensible - Between thirty and fifty, take care -
yours Truly,
S.A. Mount
Credit line Museum Purchase, 1958