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Catalog Number KSa020245
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Genealogy
Dates of Creation 18??/??/??
Scope & Content Hawkins Family Genealogy
8 page hand written genealogy of the Hawkins family beginning with Zachariah Hawkins 17th cent. Last date mentioned is related to a death on March 12, 1842The Hawkins Family
Zachariah Hawkins the common ancestor of all the Long Island families was one of the original 55 proprietors of the Town of Brookhaven in 1656. He was by birth an Englishman and came here from Massachusetts with several others of the first planters of the town. His sons were Eleaser & Zachariah the former better known by the name of Capt. Hawkins, settled on land allotted to him between Setauket & Stony Brook upon which some of his descendants still reside. The time of his death is uncertain - His children were eight sons and two daughters, viz.-Alexander, David, Isaac, Eleazer, Samuel, Benjamin, George, Israel, Martha and Mary, of whom as follows.
I. Alexander Mar'd Tabitta, daughter of Joseph Satterly - She was born 1718 & died Sept. 14, 1798 - issue Alexander, Simeon, Jacob and Joseph
II. David Mar'd Mary daughter of Timothy Mills and had issue David, Timothy, Moses, Isaac, Elizabeth & Mary- The sons, except Isaac, removed to & settled in Orange County N.Y... The said Elizabeth married her cousin Simeon Hawkins ( issue Merit, Joel, Nathan & three daughters) and Mary Mar'd Elijah Bayles, issue Eleanzer, David, Thomas, Polly, Sally, Ruth & Phile?_ Isaac Mar'd Elizabeth d. of Ebenezer Hulse-
III. Isaac Mar'd Sarah, daughter of Jacob Longbottom, & had issue ___now living _, & Rachel who was born May 11, 1797, Mar'd Jonathan Mills & died Jan 9, 1807 aged 39 - Issue Henry, Charles, Henry 2md, Eleaser, Isaac, Sarah, Dorothy, Mary-Caroline, Bichart & Jonathan all of whom except the last are deceased: of these Sarah & Dorothy Mar'd Benjamin Mills, Mary Caroline Mar'd Geo. S. Phillips, & Eleaser married Charity, daughter of Laurel Baylis Sept 21, 1829 & died July 17, 1844.
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IV. Eleaser, born April 16, 1716 Mar'd July 6, 1739 Ruth daughter of Timothy Mills & had issue Jonas, Juliana, Deliverance, Eleaser, Jonas 2nd, Julianna & Ann. He died April 23, 1791 & his wife born Dec 3, 1721, died 1780
V. Samuel, Mar'd Mary Ketcham, who died Feb. 28, 1800 & he March 15, 1810- Issue Zophar, Izariah (died June 1845) Moses, Miriam, Martha, John & Samuel -Of these Moses, John and Samuel removed to Orange Co. - Zophar Mar'd Julia, daughter of Elijah Baylis & has issue Miriam Mar'd her cousin Alexander Hawkins by whom she had issue & died March 12, 1838 aged 94: and Martha Mar'd first a Smith & 2nd Philip Roe. By her first husband she had a daughter Mary who married Thomas L. Roe son of her 2nd husband whose son was the late Smith Roe of Huntington.
VI. Benjamin Mar'd Desire Havens & had issue Eleaser, Benjamin, Sarah, Sophia, Juliana, Martha & Elizabeth. Of these 1st Eleaser Mar'd Mary daughter of Elnathan Satterly, & had issue Elnathan & Maria who died unmarried in 1814. 2nd Benjamin was mar'd Ruth daughter of Breajah? Smith & had issue Desire, Will Havens, Benjamin, Juliana, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Samuel S., Patty & Eleaser. 3rd Sarah Mar'd Eliphalet Smith issue Havens, Selah, Thomas, Scudder, George, Juliana & Martha. 4th Juliana Mar'd Amos Smith& had issue Ebenezer, Sarah, Walter, Henry & John, all of whom except Ebenezer are deceased. 5. Sophia Mar'd William Smith & had issue Benjamin - 6. Martha Mar'd Joseph Brewster & had issue Benjamin, Havens, Joseph & Sarah - and 7 Elizabeth Mar'd Henry Tyler, by whom she had issue Rebecca, Sally, Martha & Hannah.
VII. George Born Sept 1728 Mar'd Ruth, daughter of Nathan Longbottom. She was born Sept 1732. He died July 7, 1784 & she Aug 7, 1808
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Issue George, Joseph S. - William & Mary. Of whom the said Joseph S. was born Feb. 7 1763, Mar'd Phobe, daughter of John Williamson. He died Jul 22, 1827 & his widow Jan 2, 1834- Issue Nathaniel was born March 4, 1791 & Joseph S. Born Feb 16, 1796
VIII. Israel Mar'd in succession Ruth, Daughter of John Bayles, Susanna, daughter of Peter Scidmore & Phulic daughter of Nehemiah Brush. His 3rd wife born March 28.1742 & died Dec. 16, 1821, he has issue Israel, Nehemiah, & Rebecca The said Israel, mar'd Charity Howell Dec. 13, 1804 & died May 11, 1833, leaving issue - Israel, Nehemiah Mar'd Abigail, daughter of Hawkins June 8, 1803 & had issue Hiram, Rebecca & others - His sister Rebecca Mar'd Ebenezer Smith March 9, 1803 & has issue. By his 2nd wife Susanna, the said Israel Hawkins had two daughters Ruth & Susanna, the first of whom Mar'd William Hallock.
Alexander, son of Alexander, Mar'd his cousin Miriam, daughter of Samuel Hawkins - His death occurred April 28, 18?0 & hers March 12, 1838 -Issue Selah, James (Mar'd Polly daughter of Elijah Bayles) Alexander (Mar'd Sarah Mitchill) Abigail (Mar'd Nehemiah Hawkins) and Axel.
Simeon son of Alexander, Mar'd Elizabeth his cousin & daughter of David Hawkins & died July 3, 1824 - issue Merrit, Joel, Nathan & three daughters, two of whom Mar'd Daniel Smith & the other Zopha Hawkins - The said Elizabeth died March 21, 1811
Jacob son of Alexander, mar'd Charity daughter of David Longbottom -She died in 1814 & he June 30, 1839 aged 87. Issue Jacob who Mar'd ---Rose. & Mary, daughter of James Smith. He died May 28, 1840 leaving a son Jepe? By his first wife and by his 2nd wife Elhanoh, Hannah, Charity __
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Mary daughter of David Hawkins mar'd Elijah Bayles & had issue Ebenezer (m'd Mary Horman) Juliana m'd Zophar Hawkins, David (m'd Elizabeth daughter of John Darling, issue Ruth, Alfred, Adam Elisa & Mary Polly (mar'd James Hawkins), Ruth (m'd Charles Hallock) and Philia (mar'd Robert Akerly) All of whom left issue.
Joseph Hawkins son of Alexander & Tobietha, mar'd Abigail daughter of Zachariah Hawkins, settled on south side of the island & left issue.
Deliverance, daughter of Eleazer & Ruth Hawkins Born Oct 28, 1744 mar'd James Mopes & died June 10, 1829 aged 84; her husband died April 23, 1796. Issue James, Jonas
Eleazer son of Eleaser & Ruth Hawkins born April 25, 1750 mar'd-----and was killed by a ------April 1791
Issue James
Jonas 2nd son of Eleazer & Ruth Hawkins born Aug 28, 1752 commonly called Major Hawkins mar'd Feb 11, 1817, Ruth daughter of Jonathan Miller & died April 25, 1718. His wife died at age 92 Jan 22, 1840. Issue Micah, Deborah, William Wickham, Julia, Jonathan, Jonas & Dorothy - of whom we note as follows respectively.
Micah, born Jan 1, 1777, mar'd Letty Lindley of Morristown N.J. & died without issue July 29 1825 - His widow died
Deborah born---mar'd John Shepard of Athens Penn, May 18, 1811 & died Feb---1843 leaving issue
William Wickham born mar'd Amelia, daughter of George Davis, and died without issue May 18, 1805
Julia, born March 8, 782, mar'd Thomas Shepard Mount son of Thomas & Penelope Mount Dec 23, 1801 & died Nov. 25, 1841. her husband having died Oct 1, 1814 - His mother was a grand-daughter of Col. Henry Smith, called Tangier Smith, whose wife
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was Anna, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Shepard of Charlestown, Mass., one of the ablest ministers of his day in New England. Thomas S. & Julia Mount had issue, Henry Smith, Shepard Alonzo, Robert Nelson, William Sidney & Ruth H, of these the said Henry S. born Oct 9, 1802 mar'd Dec. 21, 1826, Mary Ford of Morristown N.J. leaving issue to wit;
Shepard A., born July 17, 1804, mar'd Oct .5, 1837, Elizabeth H. Daughter of Zeluilan Elliott of Sag Harbor L.I. 7 had issue to wit;
Robert N. born Feb. 19, 1806 mar'd Mary _, daughter of John & Sarah Brewster of Setauket, Jan. 6, 1833, & has issue to wit;
William L. Born Nov. 26, 1807, has hitherto declined the pleasures and pains of matrimony, for a state of single _____.
Ruth H. born Dec. 25, 1808 mar'd Charles S. Seabury of Setauket L.I. and has issue to wit;
Jonathan, son of Jonas & Ruth Hawkins ___ mar'd Dorothy daughter of Jacob & Catherine Mills of Orange Co. N.Y. and has issue Amelia, Letty, Jacob, Mills, Jonas, Ruth, Lewis & Micah.
Jonas son of Jonas & Ruth Hawkins born -------Mar'd Juliana (query?) daughter of Henry Smith of Stony Book Sept. 22, 18?4 - She died-----Issue Will Wickham, Edna (Wife of ----Hadaway and -----(wife of David H. Wickham Jr.)
Dorothy, youngest daughter of Jonas & Ruth Hawkins born-----mar'd John S. Mount of Setauket Oct. 26, 1805 & died July 16, 1843 issue Hessra? & Elizabeth, both deceased
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Juliana 2nd daughter of Eleazer & Ruth Hawkins born July 15, 1758, mar'd Micah Mills & had issue Ann, daughter of Eleazer & Ruth Hawkins born Aug 26, 1762, & died unmarried Oct. 14,1777.
Capt. Elnathan Hawkins, only surviving child of Eleanzer and Mary Hawkins, born-----mar'd Elisa, daughter of Benjamin Ferris of Westchester Co. & has issue Anna Maria & Elisa Adelaide
Of the children of Benjamin & Ruth Hawkins of Setauket dec. Desire M'd Henry Wells & died leaving issue - Will'm Havens, mar'd ----Newton, lives at Newburgh, Orange Co. & has issue - Benjamin, mar'd ----Hubbard & has issue Juliana died unmarried - Elizabeth mar'd Benjamin Brewster of Setauket & died leaving issue Jan. 6, 1819. Dorothy mar'd Richard Woodhull Oct 8, 1823 & died leaving issue Samuel S., mar'd Charlotte, daughter of Tooker, & died leaving issue -
Martha is still unmarried & Eleazer mar'd ----daughter of William Hawkins.\Martha Hawkins, daughter of Benjamin & Desire Hawkins who mar'd Joseph Brewster, died Feb. 19m, 1800, leaving issue Benjamin, Havens, Joseph (dec) and Sarah, who was mar'd Isaac Jayne, & died leaving issue.
Elizabeth Hawkins, youngest child of Benjamin & Desire Hawkins who was born after her mother was fifty years old, and who mar'd Henry Tyler, died leaving issue Rebecca (m'd Thomas Anderson) Sally m'd Brewster Hawkins & died in 1841 leaving issue Henry and Hannah who m'd Wm. Rudyard & died in 1848
George Hawkins, son of George & Ruth Hawkins was born --------
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William Hawkins, son of George & Ruth Hawkins was born--------
Isaac Hawkins son of David who mar'd Elizabeth, daughter of Ebenezer Hulse had issue Ebenezer, Isaac, Ann (Mar'd Samuel Philips & Jh De__), Apollos & Mills.
Zachariah Hawkins, son of Zachariah who was a son of the first settler, mar'd Hannah, daughter of Joseph Satterly -She was born in 1720, and had issue Robert & Hannah. She later mar'd Phillips Tooker of Setauket & died March 13, 1814, leaving issue Joseph, Isaac, & Katherine. After the death of Hannah __ Zachariah mar'd Phebe Bayles, & had issue Gerohom, Zopha, Zachariah, Abigail, Nathaniel, Tabitha, William & Joseph. The said Abigail m'd Joseph Hawkins - said Zachariah, her brother born April 1744, mar'd Sarah, daughter of Joseph Brewster; She died June 4, 1798, leaving issue Joseph, Ruth (mar'd James Dayton) Zarthanial & Brewster - the last named Zachariah ( now living at Port Jefferson L.I. was born Sept. 19, 1776, mar'd Charity Yaringston, Nov. 15.1800, who died May 12, 1842, leaving issue Elisa Ann, Horatio Nelson, Zachariah Franklin, Charles Greenville, Charity Antoinette, William Warren, Selah Strong & Mary Jane
Caleb Hawkins, son of Zachariah, & grandson of the first settler mar'd Deborah, daughter of John Biggs, & had issue Thomas, Daniel, Isaac, Sally & Benjamin - of these Thomas mar'd Orfha, daughter of Benjamin Brewster & had issue Anna (wife of Obadiah Wells) Fanny (Wife of John DeWitt) Brewster, Charity (dec.) Thomas(dec.) Aaron (dec.) Brainai & Benjamin.
Daniel, mar'd ----daughter of Nathaniel Roe, & had
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Issue Sophronia, Hannah & Charity
Isaac mar'd Rebecca, daughter of John Bennet and had issue Henry, Richard, Charles, Bennet & Nancy (m'd Joseph Blydenburgh)
Sally mar'd James Hawkins, & had issue Julia, Edward, Deborah, (m'd Jesse Garret, & Fanny (m'd the said Joseph Blydenburgh as his 2nd wife)
Anna, Daughter of Thomas Hawkins, & who mar'd Obadiah Mills, had issue Elisa (mar'd Conklin Newton) Alfred (mar'd Jane, daughter of George Darling) Obadiah m'd Esther, daughter of Roland Seaman) Brewster (m'd Ann, daughter of Jedediah Hart) Charity (Mar'd John S. Mount) Henry (m'd Clarissa daughter of Israel Hawkins) Mary Ann and John (dec)
Fanny daughter of said Thomas Hawkins who mar'd John Dewitt, had issue Catherine, Maria, Charity & Thomas. Her brother Brewster, (mar'd) first Sally, daughter of Henry Tooker, and second, Abigail daughter of John Wiltrie
Isaac Hawkins don of Isaac & grandson of Zachariah 2nd had issue Edward, John & James
Said Edward mar'd Olla Thaler, & had issue George, Julia, Daniel, Thaler & Caroline. Of these George died in Canada. Julia mar'd Daniel Tooker, & had issue Edward H. & Miami- the first of whom m'd Alma, daughter of William Tooker, the latter mar'd first Daniel Tucker of NY & 2nd Samuel Tooker of Bellport, L.I.