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Catalog Number KSa020589
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1841/09/25
Scope & Content Norwich Conn., Sept. 25th, 1841
My Dear Mount,
You are not mad at me, are you, because I have neglected to write you for so long a time? I hope not. Please forgive me. Ever since I saw you I have been busily engaged in travelling about the country, sometimes hunting, trouting, sketching, sailing, riding and sometimes catching codfish at sea, which sport I have enjoyed to perfection. I could not manage to be in New York when the Academy was open and therefore could not see your "Cider Making" and your Brother's painting. I have lately been to the city, but did not succeed in obtaining a view of your picture, because the Davis family was out of town. I have just received The Gift for 1842, and am glad to see two first rate engravings from your pictures. "The Tough Story" and "The Raffle." The former is illustrated by an article from one of my most intimate friends, Seba Smith Esqr., the original Jack Downing. He is a Whig, but a most glorious man. You would be delighted with him. I want very much to introduce you, and will, soon as an opportunity presents. His wife,
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I think, is the most gifted female writer in this country.
Dont think, my dear friend, that the promise I made you, that I would visit Stony Brook was mere words. I am going to New York about the first of October, and will, if you say so come and see you then a short time. That, you know is a great month to be in the country. I am anxious to visit you, and see how you live at home, for I hope that my humble name, may in coming years be linked with yours. Is your brother Shepard at home, and is his amiable and affectionate wife well and happy, and the boy too? Sometime since, I received a most delicious letter from him dated in Pensylvania, but I have delayed answering it for
so long a time that I am afraid he has left the place where it was written. Tell me where he is, for I wish to write him. By the way Mount, I am in love, engaged, yes beautifuly engaged, and, to one of the most lovely beings that ever lived. I have been with her a good deal of the summer, and in the country too. Such rides on horseback as we have had! Such moonlight walks, such glorious times, cannot be described in words-they must be felt.
She lives in New York City, but is a country girl. Just such an one as we, born of the beautiful and true, can appreciate. If I can only catch you in the city, I shall make you acquainted with her, for she knows you by reputation.
My Sketch Book flourishes. I have received a noble drawing from Eastlake of England, and also two from the great Cooper, the cattle painter. They are all magnificent.
Next week my name will be before the world as an author. Hilliard, Gray, & Co, one of the first houses in Boston, are about publishing a little volume of my "Essays for Summer Hours." I shall reserve a copy for you and your Brother. Write me on receipt of this; let me know if you "are alive and kicking," well, happy and prosperous. Direct to New York as I shall probably go down in about one week.
As ever, your sincere friend
Charles Lanman