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Catalog Number KSc032701
Collection Unknown
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1838/??/??
Scope & Content Brother Wm.
According to promise I write you a few lines upon the Academy - Mr. Morse has nothing in - Page has gone far astern since last year - he worked three hours on saturday with his brushes - Durand has more and better pictures than he ever exhibited before; 13 in number - Cole has gone ahead, looks splended. Young Huntington, as I expected has gone ahead astonishingly both in landscape and portrait - has in 12 pieces - I had forgotten Inman - not equal to last year - Ingham has gone ahead and Frothingham about as usual perhaps a little gain -
he is great in flesh- but his heads are all tinted the same as usual. Whitehorn is far behind - Weir has nothing in - Marchant, the Dandy is no where - Henrys portrait of Wilson hangs between two of his - and beats him easy, indeed I like it much better than one of Pages portraits which hangs not far from it in the same room - (Small room) all of his pictures are there - he takes the lead in the flower line- Your large picture is where Pages Holy Family was last year - it shows admirably well- but a little too raw in the lights upon a clear day - It attracts a great deal of attention. It is the best large picture in the exhibition - most expressive- The story is the best told but all the lights are too raw - I wish you had been here varnishing day, you could have made it better - The artists
say it is a good picture story well told but it wont compare with his small pieces - wait till the Editors come out- Your small picture takes the lead, is in the small room - your old admirers flock around it - but regret you have no more of the kind in this year - Edmunds had 3 good pieces - Young Powell has some good
portraits - but as I have said before Young Huntington it seems to me will soon be the best portrait painter among us - As for myself I have more than realized my anticipations in Elizabeth's Portrait - It is in the small room low down, on a line with - Inman and Ingham - the latter has two of his best female portraits near it - and Inman one a great belle - but I no scave - Mr. Morse says I dont suffer in comparison with either of them - My Cat picture is low down in the large room looks well - My portrait of Henry is in the corner but its too light to be hid- rather too light- my cattle piece they have completely hid in the dark - but never mind - I give them a dig in female portraiture - There
are a great many fine pictures here 337 in number, but come and see for yourself- be sure and get here when the counsil meets I send two news papers - Tell Henry Wilson has got the job of the two large signs - He says the owner of the building where they are to move to, has rented the 3d Story to a sign painter by the name of Hart-dam-shame- but Henry will use him up - he has no doubt got there to paulpry -
I have no job nor see no sign of any yet - It snowed all day yesterday
In Haste