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Catalog Number KSa020070
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Poem
Dates of Creation 18??/??/??
Scope & Content And better had it ne'er been born
A thing uncomely and ill shapen
Hideous in face, likewise in form
And has been for an idol taken

And for that imp with visage dark
For that abominable monster
Stood God Father Myron Clark
A fitting sic) man to be its sponsor

But as the ??? can't go at large
Ogden Hofm? May be led
To knock the bantling in the head
And thus relieve him of his charge

Then he may desert the lady
And forsake her mongrel tribe
Her cause once bright but now is shady
To by p?? she's now allied

When from the east this lady came
Bigots followed, so did slaves
Besides she had within her train
Canting priests and designing knave.

But I am straying from the track
And perhaps your ears offending
From where I left I will get back
And give this tedious case an ending

The jury having heard the plea
Made for defense and p??ton
Went to a private room to see
If they could come to one conclusion

They tried the case with much sagacity
And it was not all one sided
When they came ?? they were undecided

On back
When the main law men were out of funds
On neighbor B they'd often draw
He paid up promptly all their duns
When c'es men talked at law

But at length he did decline
To pay up when he was invited
So said they he shall be fined
And had him legally indicted

By this he was not much annoyed
So easily the law's evaded
What they had done was null and void
The justice being too near related

The plaintiff now appeared quite nettled
And said that he should draw his leather
Or have the business duly settled
The next time they should meet each other

He wished for time it soon arrived
When they thought that they should fleece him
But neighbor's lawyers soon contrived
It way which anwser'd to release him

They met it was in the temperance hall
And six good honest men they drew
Who came up readily when call'd
With minds unchangeable and true

When the business they had planned'
By some opening observations
They called a witness to the stand
Who testified about potations

He was a man who made the fire-fly
When at work in his vocation
It was no wonder he should get dry
And ____his _without persuasion
Notes Embossed seal upper right