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Catalog Number KSc032766
Collection Unknown
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1845/??/??
Scope & Content Norwalk Sunday Evening
'Brother Wm.
I received your note from Capt Peck on Saturday-2 Oclock-Was much pleased to hear from you - You-hangmen of the Academy must have pushed business-In my letter to Elizabeth-sent the day before I received yours-I told her I thought I should not be down at the opening; but desired she should go-I hope therefore if you wrote her-that she will not fail to be there It will be new to her; and no doubt gratifying -Of course she will be obliged to come down Wednesday If you will oblige me, by ascertaining if on that evening she has arrived, by going to, Brooklyn on the arrival of the cars, or other means--and forward the entelegence to me by the boat on thursday morning, I will be in the City on friday at the Academy by 3; Oclock-altho to late I suppose to meet the company there-still I could see her-and the pictures-She will write me a line if you see her-I expect my pictures look meanly this year-but I care but little about it -I brought Capt Peck's portrait up here to make an alteration-painted out a Steam Boat-and put a pamphlet in its place-done in a daub'y manner in a great hurry-and sent: back the next day-I expect it partly rubbed off-as it was not dry when I sent it-as all my paintings have been varnished you will have no trouble-except perhaps to dust them off if they should require it-Take good care of your shoulder-talk but little -look sharp and get wisdom by drinking it in at the eye-when, where pictures are to be seen-let fools and wine bibbers do the talking-I throw out these hints-because if your picture takes-(as I doubt not it will)- the flies-will swarm around--
In haste
Yours Truly
"I like to have forgotten the list of names-1 should like to have Alden J. Spooner-and Lady-likewise his Father and Mother-invited-If Elizabeth desires any of her friends there--and your list of them will be accepted well-if not-no consequence-about it-S