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Catalog Number KSa020423
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Legal Document
Dates of Creation 1891/03/12
Scope & Content (Typed unsigned copy)
this Indenture made the twelfth day of March in the year one thousand and eight hundred and ninety one between Charles Archdeacon and Marion F. Archdeacon, infants under the a3e of fourteen years by John G~. Archdeacon their Special Guardian and the said John Archdeacon individually, the said infants being~ the only children and heirs at law of Mary Ford Archdeacon, deceased, intestate, and the said John ~, Archdeacon being~ her husband and the father )f said infants of the first part and. Evelina Mount of Stony Brook 3uffolk Co. New York of the second part Witnesseth; Whereas the above named infants by John Q. Archdeacon heretofore presented to the County Court of Suffolk County, praying for a sale of the right, title and. interest of the said infants in the premises in Bald petition mentioned and hereinafter described. Upon which Petition an order of the said Court was made at a term thereof acid at Huntington, in the County of Suffolk, bearing date the Cifteent1h day of November 1890 appointing John ~. Archdeacon above named the special Guardian of such Infants for the purposes of this Bald application, and. directing that it be referred to Livingston 3mith Esq. a Referee to ascertain the truth of the facts in such ~petition alleged; and thereupon after the said Special Guardian and given the security by law required, and the same had been duly 2pproved and filed, such proceedings were afterwards had, that by an order of the said County Court made at a term thereof, held at Huntington, in the County of Suffolk bearing~ date the thirty firs lay of December in the year 1890, it was among other things in substance ordered, that the above named. John Q. Archdeacon as 3peciai Guardian of such infants, be authorized to contract for the sale and conveyance of the right, title and interest of the said infants in such real estate for a sum not less than that specified In the Referee's report In said order mentioned; and. that such sale with the name of the purchaser and the terms thereof be reported to the said Court before the conveyance of such
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premises should be executed. And Whereas the said Special Guardian upon terms and in the manner authorized by the last mentioned~ order, contracted for the sale of the interests of both of said infants, together with his own right of courtesy therein with Evelina Mount above named. in all and singular the premises herein after described, for the sum of One hundred and. fifty dollars, that being; the highest sun offered for the same; and. thereupon the said. Guardian made his report on oath of such agreement, to this Court pursuant to the requisitions of the last recited order,~ upon which an order was made at a term of said Court, held at the village of Huntington, In the County of Suffolk bearing date the fourteenth day of February 1891, confirming such report, approving and confirming such sale, and directing the same to be carried Into effect and. order the said Guardian to execute, acknowledge and deliver a deed of said premises to said party of the second part on his complying with the terms on which by said ~agreement the same was to be delivered, and also to join In such conveyance & release his right of courtesy in said premises. Whereas the said party of the second part has complied with the said terms. Now therefore this Indenture witnesseth that the said parties of the first part, by John Q. Archdeacon their Special Guardian, and the said John Q. Archdeacon Individually for and. in consideration of One hundred and fifty dollars to them in hand before the ensealing and delivery of these presents have bargained, sold, granted, released, and conveyed. and by these presents do bargain, sell, grant, release and, convey unto the said party of the ~.second part, her heirs and assigns forever All their right, title and interest in that certain farm or tract of land with the buildings and improvements thereon, lying at Stony Brook, in the town of Brookhaven, County of Suffolk an~. State of Now York formerly the homestead of Major Jonas Hawkins deceased bounded northerly by
the road leading from Mills Pond to Setauket, easterly of by the land late of Samuel L. Thompson deceased, now of Benjamin F. Powell end by land. late of Charles Smith deceased, now of Orlando G. Smith and southerly partly by land of said Orlando G. Smith partly by a lane leading from the place formerly of Hugh Byrnes, now of Lewis S. Davis, to the Intersection of said lane with the highway leading from Stony Brook to Lake Grove and then on the south side by the highway last named, said tract, coming to a. point on the west end thereof, containing by estimation sixty acres be the same more or less. And the said John Q. Archdeacon for himself, individually does hereby release, grant1 and. quit claim unto the party of the second. part, all, his courtesy or right of curtsey in and. to said premises and every part thereof: With the possession and. claim of the parties of the first part, of, In and. to the same and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances. To have and. to hold the same unto the said party of the second part, her heirs and assigns to her and their only benefit and be-. hoof forever. In Witness thereof the said parties of the first part, by their Special Guardian aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written, the said John ~. Archdeacon signing and. sealing also for himself individually
C. Q. ArchdeaconL.S.
M.F. J. Q. Archdeacon

their Special Guardian J. Q. Archdeacon L.3. Sealed and delivered in the presence of between lines 10 & 11 on page 2 a line was written, commencing with "to join & ending with~ "premises"; on same pace between 13 & 14 lines were written the words hand the said John Q. Archdeacon individually for before the execution of this Instrument. Thos. S. Mount. State of New York, County of Suffolk ss. I certify that on the twelfth day of March 1891 before me appeared. John Q. Archdeacon
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to me personally known to be the person described in and who executed the within deed and acknow1edged the execution thereof. Tho2. S. Mount, I~ot1ary Public, Suff. County, N. Y.

Recorded 14 March 1891 @ 9 A. M.

Orange T. Fanning


Liber 341 of Deeds, Page 140.