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Catalog Number KSa031667
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Sketchbook
Scope & Content WSM's sketchbook (1831) with cover engraved "Wm. S. Mount" see note for contents
Notes William Sidney Mount's Sketchbook
KSa031667 (77.22.674)

77.22.674.0Portrait of a young boy
77.22.674.1Signature page
77.22.674.2Portrait of a man in a robe
77.22.674.4Ships and boats
77.22.674.8Ships and boats
77.22.674.9Woman in hat and cape
77.22.674.10Man standing and speaking
77.22.674.11Master' Burke
77.22.674.12Woman with child sitting
77.22.674.13Woman with sleeping child
77.22.674.14Woman with child standing
77.22.674.15Man seated on a box
77.22.674.16Man standing
77.22.674.20Study of a child's hand
77.22.674.21Study of a man's face
77.22.674.22Man in a top hat
77.22.674.23Profile of a man's head
77.22.674.24Two figures and profile of a man
77.22.674.25Man in coat
77.22.674.26Man in top hat and sail boat (verso)
77.22.674.27Two sailboats and man with cradle (verso
77.22.674.28Landscape/Nature study
77.22.674.29Black woman with hat
77.22.674.30Study for boy hoeing corn
77.22.674.31Man standing, with vest
77.22.674.32Figure sketch/Nature study
77.22.674.33Man standing in costume
77.22.674.34Baby sleeping-back of head
77.22.674.35Baby sleeping-left side of face
77.22.674.36Woman with infant on lap
77.22.674.37Woman standing
77.22.674.38Baby sleeping on back with hat
77.22.674.40Landscape/Figure sketch
77.22.674.41Figure sketch/Nature study
77.22.674.42Sumach and trumpet creeper
77.22.674.43Woman at fireplace
77.22.674.44Figure sketch/Nature ~t4dy
77.22.674.45Walnut, violets
77.22.674.46cat, oak tree, locust sprout
77.22.674.47Chestnut sprout, grape vine
77.22.674.48Black oak, birch sprout
77.22.674.49Portrait of a man with high collar
77.22.674.50Woman with comb
77.22.674.51Study of a woman in chair
77.22.674.52Portrait of Julia Ann Hawkins Mount
77.22.674.53Raspberry, clover, five fingers
77.22.674.54Blackberry, dogwood, birch, oak
77.22.674.55Sumach and mullen
77.22.674.56Brake, dogwood, milkweed
77.22.674.57Burdock, assorted plants
77.22.674.58Burdock, grape vines
77.22.674.59Hops, honeysuckle, fig tree
77.22.674.60Apple tree, dock, clover, hop
77.22.674.61Creeper, rose of sharon
77.22.674.62Pigwood, mustard, dock, goldenrod
77.22.674.63Tomato, weeds, sweet fern
77.22.674.65Bitterweed, apples, pears
77.22.674.66Mullen, goldenrod, lowbrier
77.22.674.67Walnut, chrome flower, chicory
77.22.674.68Weed, wortleberry
77.22.674.69Buttonbal.1 tree
77.22.674.70Unidentified plants
77.22.674.72Bayberry, maple sprout, beach plum
77.22.674.74Two boys and a woman
77.22.674.75Three figures
77.22.674.76Man wearing a hat
77.22.674.77Profile of a man at podium
77.22.674.78An artist's studio
77.22.674.79Cow standing
77.22.674.80Profile of a woman with child
77.22.674.81Young child seated
77.22.674.82Three figures; study of child's head
77.22.674.83Study for chair
77.22.674.84A man standing
77.22.674.85Man in top hat with cradle
77.22.674.86Man reading sermon from pulpit
77.22.674.87Nature study/Figure sketch
77.22.674.89Seated man with letter; quail
77.22.674.90Figure sketch/Landscape
77.22.674.91Windblown man in robes with sword
77.22.674.92Man with bundle on back; child in swing
77.22.674.93Study for country lad on fence
77.22.674.94Man in long shirt; sailboats
Credit line Bequest of Ward Melville, 1977.