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Catalog Number KSc032367
Collection NY Historical Society
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1848/10/15
Scope & Content Copy
Stony Brook, Oct 15th, 1848
Dear Sir,
In the first place I hope you are in good health. I wish to tell you that all hope for Cass and Butler in this County is not lost yet. Notwithstanding, the Barnburners have been with the Whigs, trying to frighten the Democrats to stay at home on election day. I am a Countryman, and I know the right way to arouse them. Send all your smart democratic talkers, those that have the spirit of humor and ridicule combined with good sense into all the counties of this state-tell them to visit families throughout the day, and in the evening address the farmers in the school houses-assure them that without their efforts, the country is in danger. Old Suffolk can be made to give one hundred and fifty majority. I have with my violin, and ridicule together, broke into Barnburnerism (Barn Bunker, or sore heads) as you please to call them, so that they are ashamed to name themselves.
Do for the sake of Democracy, arouse old Suffolk Co. For the honor of this state, the Democrats should not stay at home-send forth
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your singers, and social talkers, men that will mix in with the farmers, husk corn, drink cider, and talk, and invite them to attend the meetings in the evenings.
The speech delivered here by The Hon. Ely Moore, a few days since has had a great effect. I wish he could visit every village on Long Island. Evening Meetings, or inquiring meetings, on the subject of Politics may be a good means of awakening many. I do not know why Political inquiry meetings may not be as profitable to the salvation of the Empire State, as religious inquiry meetings for the salvation of the soul.
Please read this, voice from old Suffolk, to the Democratic Committee, as soon as they meet at old Tammany, or to some of the Cass Editors. I expect to be at Tammany in about ten days.
Yours most truly,
Wm. S. Mount
P.S. I have offered fifty Cts a piece for all the Barnbunker skins that can be brought in after the Election.
= Bunker is a fish that we manure land with but they smell very bad.
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Since writing the above, I have had a talk with a Staunch Democrat. He said if the people could know the truth about the "free soil question" Van Buren would not get one vote in this town. He also remarked that Suffolk could be made to give five hundred majority for Cass and Butler.
Village meetings at this time is better than Mass meetings. Please talk with all the Cass men from this County that visit old Tammany. In fact all the Cass men stopping at the Hotels from the different Counties should be looked after.
In haste.