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Catalog Number KSa044850
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1835/01/14
Scope & Content Scotchtown January 14th 1835
Dear Brother,
I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you and my friends on the Island. Providence hath deprived me of my companion. She was as well as usual last Christmas noon and eat dinner as well as common and in the afternoon was taken with a pain in her side , and at dark laid down, Lettyann applyed warm things to her side but all to no purpose, The next day the doctor was cald and bled her, and give her physic. But the complaint was very obstenate; medicine did not opperate as the doctor would wish. The fifth day after she was taken,- she appeared rather better but the typhus fever set in and she died on Wednesday morning about 3 o clock, the seventh day of January, Thiophilus Smith and Maria come from Milford the Sunday previous to her death about four o clock in the afternoon and staid untill she was buried.
I calculated about eight weeks ago that I should not live long and the doctor and all my neighbors thought the same, but the doctor thinks at present that I stand a pretty good chance to get well of the dropsy. I have been very much complaining all summer with a pain in my bowels but did not know what aild me. At times very much swelled in my bowels.
About harvest I was taken down with severe distress in my bowells and sides, and the doctor found I had water in me, and physics me of severely and brought through me a considerable quantity of water. I was able to work some in haying but could not mow for the soreness in my sides and bowels. I presume I took cold by working in the meadow after the dew fell and I was taken worse. But I workd some until the third day of October and went to Milford and took my wife- and Harrison. (I) left my wife there and returnd home with Harrison. On the sixth there I was taken quite sick and took physic and got some better. On the sixteenth of October I went down toNewburgh with my flax seed and took little Harrison with me. I was taken with the agueurthin about three miles of home and could not get home untill next day. Theophilus and Maria brought my wife home the same day I got home from Newburgh and returned to Milford the next day. The next day after that I was so bad that I sent for the doctor. I was physicd for ten weeks severely and was reduced to almost a skelleton. I think I am gaining in health. My appetite is good and my food digests well.
I went down to Newburgh yesterday. The sleighing was very good down in the morning, but it thawed considerably yesterday and I had quite poor sleighing for eight miles this side of Newburgh comeing home. I was affraid it would make me sick but I feel as well today as I have done in a month past. I can work some but I cant chop wood. It jars my bowels so I must be very careful of myself for a while. I have considerable distress in my bowels yet, but I an not much swelled. During the whole of my sickness my lungs have not been much affected and my nerves are very steady. I find I gain strength slowly.
I should have wrote to some one of you sooner but I did not know what to write untill I thought I was getting better, Mr Akerly was at my house and staid all night on the 24th of October, and said Catharine, his daughter, was at his house and calculated to start home very soon. I expect Catharine has let you know I was sick. I saw Jonas Hawkins at Scotchtown the Tuesday previous to Christmas last, and I told him I thought I was gaining in health and wishd him to let you know how I was.
It is quite sickly amongst us and a great many deaths. Betsey Young, Betsey Hulse it was, is quite low with the consumption. I dent expect she will last long. My son John has been to see me while I was sick. He appears healthy. He likes the tailors trade very well, and likes his boss and his boss likes him. His boss, Mr Hagerty, is a real business man and the first rate tailor. Milford is the best moral village I ever was in. John, I understand, is quite serious inclind. I understand he leads in prayer in their meetings. John, I understand, is quite active in learning the tailors trade.
Theophilus H. Smith has bought a lot in the village and built a very convenient and comfortable house, and I believe will do very well if he has his health. He dent take any kind of spirits and is very much respected by all his acquaintance.
I wish you would write to me and inform me whether Cousin Eliphalet Moubray lives in Kings or Queens County and name of town, I want to write to him but dent know how to direct my letters.
I calculate some if my health will admit to come and see you the first run of boats from Newburgh, but dont make too much calculation on it. Lettyann and Harrison are very healthy. Harrison is the smartest boy of his age I ever saw. He is admired by all my neighbors as such but I must not think too much of him; he may be taken away very sudden, My respects to all my friends and accept my best wishes for your happiness.
Seth Williamson
Notes - Purchased from Bernard Press by R. M. Gipson for the Museums