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Catalog Number KSa020059
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name List
Creator Shepard Alonzo Mount
Dates of Creation 18??/??/??
Scope & Content Graduated-suppose. To imagine-Suff, weathergage, or part toward the wind_Foot, the lower part of a sail-Leech-the outer bordered of the sail
A tide under the lee is a stream, in an opposite direction to the wind.
Becket, a rope with an eye at one end, or a wooden bracket. Wharf, a dock.
Orgent liquor extracted from basley and sweet almonds.
Orgies-Frantic nocturnal revels at the feast of Bacchus or the feast itself hence drunken revelry, chiefly at night.
Adorn to deck or decorate -to make beautiful; to deck with external ornaments. Peony an herbaceous perennial plant, red flowers, yellow etc.
Dahlia: from Dahl the name of a Swedish botanist - A South American plant introduced into Europe by the Spaniards in 1789. A flower of every variety of hue.
Astemisia? - numerous species, of these the A.Abintheium?, or common wormwood is well known. Jubilant - uttering songs of triumph, rejoicing, shouting with joy. Initial. Record debt of record -Receipt- a writing acknowledging the token of money or goods-A receipt of money may be in part or in full payment of a debt, and it operates as an acquittance.

On back
Or discharge of a debt in part or in full.
Bond in law, an obligation or deed by which a person binds his heirs, executors and administrators to pay a certain sum on or before a future day appointed - This is a single bond.
Deed-To convey or transfer by deed, a popular use of the word in America is, he deeded all his estate to his eldest son - Borrower-one who borrows, opposed to lender-(Lend - to grant for temporary use - This money is lent on condition of receiving interest for the use, and having the principal sum returned at the stipulated time - Lend is correlative to borrow.
Correlative, that which is opposed to something else in a certain relation. Rest is the correlative of motion. The son is correlative of his father
Contract - We contract vicious habits by indulgence; we contract debt by extravagance - To bargain; to make mutual agreement.
Let-To lease; as to let a farm; to let an estate for a year. - Mortgages, con___in fee as security for the payment of money - mortgagee, the person to whom an estate is mortgaged.
Notes Seemingly random collection of definitions. Mainly of legal terms but not exclusively
Credit line Bequest of Ward Melville, 1977.