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Catalog Number KSa020324
Collection Kate Strong Historical Library
Object Name Letter
Dates of Creation 1851/05/16
Scope & Content (Draft) Dear Sir,

I am about to make a reply to your note of the 5th [inst.] which I received a few day since which I should have done before; but having some money due me I have delayed the answer, in hoping it might come to hand
hoping that I might receive itand by that means, send you what would be more acceptable the interest the Interest on my note which would probably be more acceptable than any written answer I communicate as writing could make as according to the old adage,- "Fare words though mine may not be very pure, butter no parsnips My business has not been as profitable for a few years past as for to supply my own [ ] my being barely~ than sufficient for my-self and the necessary wants of my famely. Hence in as you have not received your interest for some time past In order to better my condition, I may I under the necessity of leaving Long Island In order that this I ] of things should not last, I may be compelled to leave the Island with a view to better my condition. Should I do so It-will become nesse and at present it is not I have not the means to enable me to send you a years interest. Perhaps under the circumstance Judge Strong would furnish it for me. you remember [ I, a few years ago, I was called requested to attend a party at the residence of your Sisters at Oak Wood and more recently at purpose of furnishing music for the evenings your own House for the service of I I at each of those places entertainment with my violin your promised to remunerate me at each--of those you promised to see me remunerated for the service I rendered which will be for both Parties I If agreeable I will thank you to endorse it on my note
I regret the necessity of having to refer - to this subject
I regret that necessity has compelled mc to refer to this subject
of calling on you for that object
I regret the necessity of alluding to this subject As Favours of that kind I had hitherto confirmed cheerfully, and with them my expectation of reward;- but circumstances will not now permit me to be jenerous. You say you would willingly retain your former good opinion of me. You say you would willingly think well of me and hope your former good opinion will not be [ ] much further. I hope sir, I shall not loose it on account of any dishonest or dishonorable act on my part for in that case it could never be only causes restored but where we [ ] the our poverty causes us to loose to good opinion of our former friends it may be redeemed, again [ ] opinions being formed if worth redeeming it being complof not elastic material which causes them to rise or fall, as ones pockets are full or empty. That you once thought well of me I have no doubt, ~V-give mc evidence of that fact The good grace, and apparent willingness with which you furnished me with the money, for which you now hold my note gave me evidence to that fact, and led me to believe at the time it was more an act of friendship than a business transaction, The liberal maneuver That and other acts of favours of a similar nature which ~ have received at your hand will ever be remembered with gratitude, and will prompt me hereafter to increase my efforts to render unto you that which is justly your due.
In the various transactions of my life, It has not been so much my aim to I lam the good opinion of others, as it has been to obtain the approval of my own conscience with that object still in view I shall -"Pursue the even tenor of my way", - and leave you Sir to pursue whatever course you may think proper in this matter.

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Notes See KSa020179, Ka020325 & KSa020323